Monday, January 23, 2012


       ACCURACY-The quality or state of being accurate, correct or precise.

     "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything"...Wyatt Earp 

     "What ever's wrong ain't the bow" unknown

Me showing the exact location for a heart shot on sapling!
     Quiet...move softly. There it is! ...Take a deep breath, relax. You find your opening, right there, perfect...Pick a spot, focus! You exhale...The draw is smooth, the release flawless, the flight of the arrow graceful, effortless...Smack!!! @#$%! along with some other choice words! Laughter erupts from the peanut gallery you call your friends and cohorts...Such is the life of a traditional bowhunter pretending to be an archer at a 3D shoot...The sapling and the arrow have little damage, my ego and status as a man's man on the other hand...Oh, and I thoroughly despise baboons and reasonable facsimiles of!